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I installed it on a pleasure way plateau TS 2015, the shelf itself was perfect. It was exactly as described, powder coating was great, the install was easy, Although I needed the help of my wife because of the bathroom was right up tight, (1 inch space between cabinet and shelf) she had to hold the screws while I tighten them on top. It was a beautiful addition to our van giving us that extra storage for shoes and other things.
I was considering a do it yourself kit, but this was just a little more money but so well worth it.


The White Top Adventures Sprinter Headliner shelf is a must have! We have a 2014 144 passenger Sprinter that we use as a daily driver and adventure van. This shelf adds A TON of extra storage space while utilizing previously unused space. My wife was skeptical of it, and the need for it, at first. However, after installing it and using it on our first adventure, this is a necessity she’d suggest to any adventure family. Sleeping bags, sleeping pads, snacks, extra jackets, toiletry to go back, etc all within reach and out of the way. As for installation...DANG! Soooo easy! One person can do it in 10-20 minutes (depending on a quick run to the garage for a tool). If you have a second hand/person, it’s even easier! I did it by myself in 15 minutes all while watching my two kids play nearby. I’d highly recommend this shelf!!!


Absolutely love it!!! Perfectly fit!!! Great quality!!!
Thank You!!!